UncategorizedHow the Feng Shui tortoise can bring in peace and prosperity in your life!

Feng Shui tortoise

As tortoise is gifted with long life therefore in Vastu Shastra and in Feng Shui it gives Long Life. These days you can find tortoise in all homes who believe in Vastu Shastra and in Feng Shui. They are made up of Resins, Metal, glass, Mud, crystals or else of Wood.

Vastu rules

While placing a tortoise at your home or in your office, there are few Vastu rules which you should know and follow them and this can give you some benefits in your life…

Earthen material

Tortoise which is made up of earthen material such as resin or mud, they should be placed in the North East, Center or in the South West.


The tortoise made of metals is to be placed in North and North West.


Tortoise made of crystals should be either placed in South West or North West.


Tortoise figurines made of wood is to be placed either in East or in South East.

East direction

You must always remember that wherever you place your tortoise figurine, it should always face towards East Direction.

Living room

If you are wishing to place a tortoise family in your living room; than it is the best option as it will help you to increase your family harmony.

Kept in water

Tortoise figurine must be kept in water. Tortoise figure can be kept in similar material depth dish. Add some water and colored stones. This will make a nice décor and as per Vastu Sashtra bring serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home.


Tortoise need to be take care of that is keep check that they are well placed in above mentioned direction always and the water level is maintained. Water must be enough in dish to soak the feet of tortoise figurine.

Celestial creature

The tortoise is considered a celestial creature, one of four. The tortoise represents the compass direction of north, the element of water and the number one. His corner of the bagua represents earned income, such as from a job or business, and support for career and business endeavors.


The turtle also represents longevity – and we all know the benefits of staying power. The turtle with its slow, plodding ways wins the race in Aesop’s fable. Turtles demonstrate that those who keep working and applying themselves with tenacity win the race — and the turtle empowers you to keep going.

Useful tips

Use these 6 tips to increase the income, support and good fortune in your life with the beautiful support of the celestial tortoise.

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