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Why is Janam Kundli Useful ?

We all want that we should always walk on the path of success, but do not think it necessary to know the importance of who will guide this path of success. It is very important to have the right time to adopt any opportunity, otherwise, the work is also spoiled.

To proceed on the path of success, it is highly important to know the position and condition of the planets in your Janam Kundali. Planets can be interpreted through Janam Kundali. It helps, a person knows a lot about his important decisions such as marriage, career, education, job, and business.

What is included in Janam Kundli ?


Personalised Horoscope


Horoscope Charts


Gems and Rudraksha


Planetary Profiles


Numerology Predictions


Manglik and Kalsarpa Dosha


Pitra Dosha Analysis


Sadhesati Timelines


House and Sign Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janam Kundli?

Janam Kundli is called birth chart in English. It is a map of the sky as seen at the time of birth. 

It helps, a person knows a lot about his important decisions such as marriage, career, education, job, and business.

When and how will I receive my Kundli?

Your Janam Kundli will be provided to you as soon as your purchase is complete with us.

After all the necessary information is filled and payment is made, your kundli will be shared with you.

How Accurate is Janam Kundli from Fortune Teller?

Fortune Teller prepares your Kundli with the help of our team of  experienced astrologers.

These astrologers prepare a detailed analysis of your Kundali and then prepare your report to give you the most accurate report.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Absolutely yes! All our customer’s details are kept 100% confidential. Fortune teller never gives out any customer information to anyone, come what may.

Purchases can be done without any hesitation.


I am greatly satisfied with my kundli reports. It gives me my overall study of my personality and my progression. Remedies suggested by you are easy and convenient to perform. Even dosha reports are easy to understand and accurate. Thank a lot.

Archit Chhabra

Premium horoscope is highly detailed and very precise. The graphics part of this report is elegant. Will continue to look into purchasing more reports.

Rajesh Suri

It is really a wonderful and trustworthy birth report prepared by the experienced astrologers who have in-depth knowledge on this subject. Great customer care also!

Saksham Sethi

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