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Good Luck Charm ProductsEVIL EYE HAMSA HAND | Big Wall Hanging

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( नोटयह ऑफर मूल्य केवल आज के लिए मान्य )

पेमेंट  : Credit Card/Debit Card/NetBanking उपलब्ध | यन्त्र घर तक पहुँचने के बाद भी पैसा दिया जा सकता है |

कब भेजेंगे ? – जिस दिन आर्डर होगा उसी दिन यन्त्र का पार्सल बना कर आपके एड्रेस पे भेज दिया जायेगा |

कब पहुंचेगा ? – आर्डर करने के 3-4 दिन में आपके घर तक पहुंच जायेगा |

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The purpose of this Evil Eye Hamsa Amulet is to protect you from evil. It brings you luck and protects you from bad energy. It is used to expel from your body the negative energy that envious people emanate. You can use it as a protector decor, amulet or talisman all over your office or home.

This product can also be used as a decor piece, it protects you and your surroundings from bad luck and evil energy. The big bead is made up of glass with a shiny blue eye in center of it. According to popular beliefs, when you are in the influence of bad energy and evil powers, the evil eye bead cracks or breaks or the amulet falls off even after strong holding or hanging. That’s the sign that you got rid of negative energy.

This can be gifted. But once placed, should not be moved or re-situated to other homes or offices. You can help treat your loved ones with evil eye bead and protect them from such negative eyes.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • Color may vary due to photographic effects.
  • Keep the product away from chemicals.
  • Texture and weight may vary from the photograph.
  • The information provided is based on individual experience, it may or may not have same effect on all users.
  • No healing effect can be guaranteed. Inadvertent use of it will not be our responsibility.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 4 × .1 × 9 in

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