Janam Kundli or Janam Patri is a birth chart that is generated at the time of your birth or while for an important event taking place in one’s life. This chart contains all the native details about one’s character, their way of thinking, and how certain outcomes can affect their timeline.

Kundli exhibits the position of star, planets, and moon about a person. These natal positions are in regular motion and change every now and then. That is why to foresee an upcoming event, it is crucial to know about your Janam Kundali.

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The reason this birth chart holds a special place among any other is due to its value. A Kundli contains the key to understanding who you are on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body level. It shares details about your character, intimate secrets about your healing and transformation process.

It has a lot of significance in the Indian culture and is used prominently while looking for a bride or groom for an Individual. The first step that is to be considered after finding a potential spouse is to have a Kundli Matching

Reading your Janam Kundli online is based upon five individual steps which have their own specialty and cause of the verdict.


  1. Identify Your Rising Sign

To get a glimpse of where your Rising Sign is, we can take the help of a North Indian style diagram. In it, locate the position where the First House is in your own chart. This is also where your Rising Sign will be present. The small number in the First House indicates your Rising Sign.


1 is Aries, 2 is Taurus, 3 is Gemini,4 is Cancer, 5 is Leo, 6 is Virgo, 7 is Libra, 8 is Scorpio, 9 is Sagittarius, 10 is Capricorn, 11 is Aquarius, 12 is Pisces.


Also, you have to know about the 12 Houses which helps to read a Kundli in an effective manner. Each house plays its own role and signifies several aspects of the life of the native along with physical traits, interests, and features.


1st House= Self, Body, Attitude, Approach Towards Life, Appearance, etc.


2nd House= Accumulated Wealth, Bank Balance, Family, Values, Habits, etc.


3rd House= Communication, Siblings, Courage, Short Travels, Early Education, etc.


4th House= Mother, Motherland, Property, Vehicle, Comforts, School Level Education, etc.


5th House= Love, Comprehensive Intelligence, Speculation, etc.


6th House= Litigation, Debts, Job/Service, etc.


7th House= Relationships, Marriage, Approval of Society, Partnership, Business Partners, Open Enemies, etc.


8th House= Sex, Death, Quarrels, Bickering Inheritance, Obstacles, In-Laws, Ego, etc.


9th House= Foreign Travel, Wisdom, Spirituality, Higher Education, Cross-Cultural Relations, etc.


10th House= Career, Profession, Fame, Public Image, etc.


11th House= Gain, Friends, Social Interaction, etc.


12th House= Endings, Expenditure, Bedroom, Foreign Settlement, Hidden Enemies, etc.


  1. Finding Your Sun and Moon

To find your Sun and Moon, count counterclockwise and locate their position first through the 12th houses. SU is the abbreviation used for Sun. In, Sanskrit, it will be written with SY which means Surya. MO is the abbreviation for the Moon. And Sanskrit abbreviation for Moon is CH for Chandra.


  1. What Are Your Sun and Moon Signs?

To check what your Sun and Moon Signs are, simply correlate them with your numerals that we earlier discussed. Each Sun and Moon sign will concur with a house and each house will contain a Rising Sign of itself which shows its value.

  1. Identify the Nine Planets in your Kundli

At your birth, pictorial representation was taken which depicts the position of Sun, Moon, and the Nine Planets along with the constellations. These positions play their role and help the reader to get to know about one’s nature and their characteristics.


*Sun (Su): Ruler, source of energy and life, king of all planets, masculine in nature


*Moon (Mo): Mind, inner self, feminine in nature, intellect, fertility, good memory


*Mercury (Me): Speech, communication, calculative, witty, intellectual,


*Mars (Ma): Courage, passion, physical strength, short-tempered, argumentative, daring, signifies younger siblings


*Venus (Ve): Materialistic pleasure, love, romance, beauty, music, marriage, friendship, art


*Jupiter (Ju): Spirituality, higher education, research


*Saturn (Sa): Land, property, secret, misfortune, hard work, sorrow, prestige, name and fame


*Rahu (Ra): Foreigners, international travel, grandparents, theft, gambling, drinking, over-ambitious, undiagnosed health problems, loss of reputation-finance


*Ketu (Ke): Grandparents, spiritual inclination, superstitions, electronics


The Conclusion


While reading a Kundli can take numerous trails and hours to practice, one can simply put on the above-mentioned steps and read their Kundali with a good idea and foresee their personal details.

Now, earlier one had to consult a pandit who is supposed to be an expert at reading Kundlis and making out predictions based off on that. But with the advancement of technology and the upcoming digital age, we can get that done on our own using best Online Janam Kundli services.

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